How To Share Google Calendar

People in the majority do not know yet how to share Google Calendar with another people. Even some people do not see that Google has features like this.

For your information, Google Calendar is a feature that builds up as schedule management. The user can use more than one calendar, for example, the first one is a calendar to set up the general schedule and the second one is a calendar to set up the own program.

how to share google calendar

If the users want to share the schedule with other people, they should set the agenda first on Google Calendar. All the step and guide have to served clearly on Google sites or internet.

One of the advantages to share Google Calendar with family or friends is saving time and efficiently. The user does not need to rewrite a schedule. Following the text is a guide how to share calendar via Google.

2 Steps on Sharing Your Google Calendar

sharing your google calendar

Choose The Calendar That Wants To Share

In the paragraph above have to describe that the user may have more than a calendar. If they want to share the calendar with other people, choose the timing first before share.

How to select a schedule that wants to share with others, on Google Calendar homepage, click the arrow to the right of a plan that you want to share. After that, then select “Share this Calendar.” That feature is same as share location by Google.

Personally share your calendar means you will be able to share individual links that will only be known by you and your friends or colleagues.

Otherwise, your schedule will not be viewable or indexed by anyone who does not have this link. Besides sharing calendar’s, Google has other feature like share photo via Google, share location and other.

Write The Recipient’s Email

Under the “Share with specific people,” enter the email address of the person or from the email list of people who want to share. Decide how much control that you want for each person on your calendar, then click “Add Person.”

In this step, provided some controls that can adjust by the sender. For example, “See all event details” means the recipient will be able to see the location and notes for each entry in the calendar. It’s available in all Google Share features.

Besides, there is an option “Make changes and manage to share”. It means that the receiver can add and edit events as they wish and add more people to the calendar.

“Make changes to events” gives the user the power to edit the calendar, but they can not access it. The user also can choose “See only free/busy” to hide all the details about the event and just let the calendar owner come or be busy. Then, click “Save” under the pages if you want to Share Google Calendar.

Share Google Calendar is available only for Google’s user. People you’ve invited will now appear below your email address. They will also receive an email notification about your Google Calendar.

The calendar will automatically be added to their Google Calendar account to be viewed/managed, under “Other Calendars.”

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