How to Speed Up Your Computer in Quick and Simple Way

How to Speed Up Your Computer
How to Speed Up Your Computer

Today how to speed up computer is common problem. The modern world has seen so many changes, it is undeniable that we now live in fast paced world and because our lifestyles have become ever so complicated we compliment this with computers.

Work, education, business and entertainment and more. We dependent on desktop PC and or laptops and mobile gadgets to enhance these aspects of our life’s and since we are using more of these devices consistently, then it only seems wise if not prudent to find ways to speed up your computer and maintain these equipment making sure they’re in tip top condition.

Because, we they contain our personal information including finances, address books, calendars, bookmarks etc.,

If any malfunction did occur, regardless if you make regular backup’s, your computer is of vital importance with our present lifestyle and its always a good idea to be keen on keeping your computer in as best performance as possible.

Signs of Computer Malfunction

A sure sign that your computer is making more work for itself is when it performs sluggishly and if this is kept up for a couple of weeks this can lead to a permanent seizure.

A computer can become slow because there is too much information on the hard drive and as this occurs the files on the hard drive become fragmented – which means that while the computer is looking for information instead of being in one location that data can be scattered and therefore leads to slower seek time.

In fact, there are many reasons why computers reduce their performance and can be solved quite easily.

Clean The Registry to how to speed up computer

Under the hood of your (windows) PC is a filing system called the Registry, which is responsible for the whole computer system including software preferences and hardware setup. The registry can become easily damaged if not maintained properly and must be cleaned quite regularly.

Cleaning the registry would involve clearing any system errors that can/will occur and to do this there are many registry cleaners available on the market.

Please be forewarned there is no guarantee the software you choose will be reliable and up-to-date. Getting a quality reg cleaner will benefit your computer no-end.

Spiteful Software

Now, that I’ve described about registry system, I would like to talk about viruses and spy-ware.

A (very) probable cause of computer slowness is down to these malicious things. If you’ve been using the Internet for any amount of time then if likely you have come across these critters before.

To stay ahead of the game, don’t go on the Internet. Yet, since that is not an available option for most people, the next best cause of action would be to take, is install a damn good all-in-one spy-ware and virus scanner which will scan your system and inoculate viruses and delete spy-ware.

As they can really cause your computer chaos and you one big headache that you just don’t need. Yet please be advised dear reader do not settle for software that is anything but the best

Add RAM to Boost your PC

We have mostly discussed the software part of your computer and let us not forget that your computer contains hardware as well. Certainly, one concern is memory (RAM).

Add RAM is quickest way to speed up your computer. The equation is really simple the more your computer has the faster your PC will run.

Having ample RAM is important if you are running multiple programs at the same time which a main feature of Windows to have software running consecutively.

Conclusion to speed up your PC

The above 3 factors are the most common complaint for your computer to run slow. 

A corrupt registry, plus, viruses,  plus, not enough memory are the trigger for poorly functioning PC and you should consider them very careful.

If you want ways to speed up your computer and keep your PC in tip-top shape then speed is major concern.

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