How to merge cells in excel

how to merge cell
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Let’s see this how to merge cells in excel article. When you are using Microsoft Excel to process the data, you must have experienced a condition that you have to create one cell of data merging cells in a table with another cell.

This condition usually appears when the sentence you want to make it longer than the other one, and you want to make it look neat without extending the distance of the cell.

Or in another case, you also want to combine a cell without having to create a cell under that cell come along. For example, when you are writing a sentence in cell B2 and when the sentence is too long then you decide to combine it with C2 without making B3 or C3 cells involved.

The way to Merge Data in Excel

So, here are ways to joins the selected cells into one larger cell and also make it centers the contents of the new cell. This way is often used to create labels that span multiple columns. Here is the way to make it happen. Check these out.

  1. Make sure that you have a data to merge and split a cell in excel. But, if you have no one that’s okay. In the example, you could make some random words in cells B1, B2, C1, and C2.
  2. The next way of how to merge cells in excel is you have to drag the cell you want to merge it. For example that you’ve made, drag cells B1 and B2.
  3. And this one is the most important thing, you have to click home, and in Alignment area, you could see there is Merge & Center option. Click it, and voila you’ve succeeded to merge the cell. If you want to turn back, you just have to click it again, and you already split excel cell into two again.
  4. If you want to make a turn back or reverse from the merge work or we call it “split cells,” you just have to click cells that you’ve already merge, and you will see how that cells will be like before you merge it.

Those four ways of how to merge cells in excel are simple ways to make your excel work easier. There are many incredible things in excel that you have to try. Be positive and have a nice day, fellas.

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