How To Export Chrome Bookmarks

Export Chrome bookmarks feature only available in Google Chrome. This feature is advantageous when you want to backup or copies the bookmarks to Google Chrome on another PC or other browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and other.

Some people do not know how to export Chrome setting. So, in this article will describe step to back up a link.

For your information, bookmarks can interpret as a link or links to websites that you frequently visit. If you’re a Google Chrome user, the markers can be created very quickly in the browser, or a browser is.

If you have made, or have a lot of bookmarks with good structure and continue to make changes or additions, it would be nice if the existing markers in export regularly. Here the step.

How To Export Chrome Bookmarks On PC

Open Google Chrome Home First

The first step to back up bookmark is open Google home. You only need to double click Chrome picture on your PC. After that, click menu bar on Google home display which three-strips icon.

You may find it on top right corner your PC. If you have to upgrade version, the image will change into three-point and located at the same place.

Click “Bookmark” Option

If you have to click “bookmark,” then choose “bookmark manager.” located at the place from the top of the list. It will open a new tab in Chrome the same window.

On the new sites, you will find an icon that looks like a gear. What should you do? Click it. But, before you decide to click it, make it sure that your link has to find correctly.

Check carefully link that will back up so that you do not double work to export Chrome bookmarks.

Choose “Export Bookmark To HTML File” Option

Save As window will appear allowing you to name your bookmark file and specify a location to save the file. You can send this bookmark file to anyone you want and can use it to import your bookmarks into their browsers.

If you were using a un-update Chrome, you would not find a gear icon. The guide on this article is more available to Google Chrome that has to update.

If you are still confused, please see a tutorial video how to export bookmarks from Chrome.

For more information, if you use the bookmark manager before April 2015, how to export favorite sites on Chrome is slightly different. There will be no gear icon.

In the bookmark manager on the right, if you click on the downward-facing arrow next to “Organize,” there will be a drop-down menu, choose to import or export HTML files at the bottom of the list. Export Chrome bookmark for old version finished.

If you have to follow the step to export Chrome bookmarks above, your favorite links have to save and success to export. Sometimes, if your internet connection is low, the process will slightly disturb and takes a long time.

Other websites may will give you more information about how to export favorite pages on Chrome. Don’t forget to do every single step correctly.

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