How To Delete A Youtube Channel

How to delete a Youtube channel can find on the website. Some people delete a youtube account based on several reasons, like the content are forbidden from running, do not have viewers, or cannot continue to make a video.

Deleting social media account’s is straightforward and easy cause all the step have to available on the sites. The user can follow that guide and do every step correctly.

But the problem that finds by the ordinary user, the guide is not clear. Especially the way that exist on a website like a blog. So, in this article will teach you how to delete a Youtube channel correctly and easy.

Some points below are available to remove a youtube account on the computer. If you don’t know yet to close your channel Youtube, please follow some guide below. 

Guide To Delete A Youtube Channel  

Visit A Google Account Management Sites 

The first step to remove Youtube account via Google is open in the browser. Google has associated every YouTube account with a Google+ account.

The only way to remove your YouTube account is to delete the Google+ profile associated with the YouTube account. You can not delete your youtube channel on PC or mobile phone without visiting that sites first. 

One thing to note is, remove your Google+ account will not affect other Google products like Gmail or Drive. Your saved emails and files will not delete.

All photos uploaded to Google+ is still accessible via Picasa. After it, click Data Tools and choose the link “Delete Google+ profile and features.” Check your youtube account after do every single step. 

Confirm That You Want To Delete A Youtube Channel

Confirm that you want to delete all that is describe by checking the “Required” box at the bottom of the page. Sign in to YouTube with the channel you want to remove.

Each channel you create will have its account on YouTube and Google+. That can only execute when you have more than one channels. To remove a chain, click the image next to your name in the upper right corner of the YouTube page.  

After that, click your picture profile and choose gear icon below the picture. Click on the “Advanced” link. That located under the name of your channel in the Overview section of the Settings page.

If you are still confused, visit the other website that describes it. Do every step carefully and correctly, cause the simple wrong steps will obstruct the process. 

The Last Step Is Deleting Your Channel 

Click the “Delete channel” button. You must sign in again with your own Google account basis, then the “Delete channel” will open.

You will be shown the number of videos and playlists to delete, and the number of subscribers and comments to lost. Click the “Delete channel” button again to delete Youtube account 2018.  

Three steps that describe above is one of some way how to delete your Youtube account. If you still confused about the stage, please discuss in comment below.

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