5 Craziest Condom Use Ideas

Let’s start to use a condom outside of the bedroom. Why? Condoms do not cause many different rubbers in general. The difference, condoms made of latex material because it is designed to be thinner and stronger than other rubber.

condom can protect your shoes

How to Use A Condom Outside The Bedroom

Well, it turns out not only useful condom for sexual life. Based on creativity, condoms can also be used for other things that may be your inspiration. Here is the other function of the condom.

1. Protector Gadget Waterproof

The first idea how to use a condom outside the bedroom is to make a gadget protector. Condom material strength than ordinary rubber, so it may be used to protect the gadget.

If you want to take selfie underwater and do not forget to bring equipment, condoms can be one of the safest choices. In addition to an affordable price, contraception is also easy to find.

Before using it, wash it first clean of the sticky liquid. Then drain and plug in the gadget, tie on its tip.

2. Using Condom As A Corkscrew

If you have trouble with removing bottle caps made of aluminum and glass, try to open using condoms.

The trick, attach a condom into the lid and then turn it slowly. Cover jars or tins will easy rotated and began because it helps by the texture of condoms that are uneven and not slippery.

It is the smartest idea to put on a condom outside the bedroom. Many people don’t know yet about this trick.

3. Bait Feed Buffer

If you like fishing and forget to bring a buoy bait, an alternative you may use a condom.

How to? You stay inflatable condom as large as necessary and then tie on a hook that has baited.

Furthermore, just a matter of time until there are fish that grab the bait installed.

This method is quite helpful because the rubber condoms are loud enough so the buoy will not easy to leak.

4. Use A Condom As Emergency Lighter

How to use condom as a lighter? So this way, when you blow a condom into a balloon, this thing can turn out to be a heat conductor.

The trick puts the condom and direct heat of the sun on a pile of dry wood or straw. Make sure the weather is hot, and the combustion media you use is completely dry.

So, a condom is very helpful when you forget to bring a lighter in wildlife.

5. Use A Condom As Wound Protector

When parts of the body such as the arms or your legs hurt, then the thing to avoid injury to avoid contact with water.

One of the most effective ways to keep the bandage stay dry by using a condom. Cut the tip of the condom and put them in the hands of the cavity. Your wounds will be safe from the water.

That’s all five tricks how to use a condom outside of the bedroom. You may try it when there is emergency situation.

Do you have any other methods to use a condom? please write in comment box below.

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